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Filters regeneration and mechanical parts cleaning are our core business.

For about twenty years, SNS Industrie has been regenerated filters and cleaned mechanical parts from the greatest names of every production industry sector.

The most of the filters used in the industry are cleanable.

Our job is to give them, in few hours if necessary, their original qualities and their optimum filtration capacity.

The first technique used at SNS was the ultrasound’s one. Then SNS Industrie has enriched and improved its production tool with other specifics technics as pyrolysis, cryogenics and is still experimenting new processes.

Thanks to our experience and our technical skills, we have the necessary hindsight to apprehend each cases at best and to know what will be the right cleaning solution for your filters or mechanical parts.

SNS gives itself the power to satisfy your exigencies.

Our knowledge leads to bring you a high quality technical performance with the insurance of:

.    The deadlines respect
.    The current norms and regulations respect
.    The environment respect

To serve you better, we are giving to you the alternative to support your filtration facilities maintenance. We have developed an on-site support service for your filters and your dust removers.

As a service provider, offering to you a reactive, efficient and suitable solution is our priority.