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Filters regeneration

We can regenerate every type of filters (Raschig ring, oil filters, ...), from every industrial production sector.

anneau de raschig

Regenerate a filter it is cleaning, repair, and test to ensure it has found back its first commissioning’s specifications.

Dirty, damaged and worn filters are replaced by cleaned, fixed, regenerated filters ready to return on their process. The washing of filters is our speciality

SNS Industrie, ISO 14001 certified, has several suitable technics and solutions complying precisely European standards.

For every filter, a complete diagnosis is done to determine:
•    Clogging kind and the most appropriate treatment
•    If it is damaged and its reparation.
•    Its end of life, recycling or replacement with a new one.

We proceed with free tests to give you the warranty of the best serve at the best price.

Moreover, SNS Industrie has developed every specific control tecnics to guarantee its performance’s efficiency. SNS Industrie knows to implements appropriates tests adapted to your filters.
•    Mechanical status control
•    Cleaning level control
•    Unclogging control

ATEX Standard, applied since 2006, requires ensuring filtration media’s electrical conductivity. SNS Industrie owns control devices following NF-EN-613 40 standards. Our measure devices are calibrated and conform according operative norms. We have a single test bench designed by our engineers.

ISO 14001 certified, we can provide you every document you need to manage your waste.

Every filter you give us has an identification and an historic. Each filter’s historic is archived with a specific code in a computerized database as a diagnostic file including:
•    Technical and physical features
•    Sustained treatment type
•    How many regeneration it sustained
•    Possible repairs made

Our goal is to give you back your filters with optimum filtration quality and the certainty they are ready to return on their process.